Welcome to Just Jam Recipes

Fruity, infectious, and a total warm treat for a hot afternoon, jam is the ultimate in summertime Southern draw. Jessica Wilson knew the appeal all too well when she turned from online casino mastermind to Southern mother of five, popping out wonderful recipes and fruity concoctions once a day for two years (aside from that evening she spent lost in the woods).

So, what is Just Jam Recipes. Just Jam Recipes is a glorious collection of 730 recipes on jams for all tastes, styles, and preferences. All further clichés aside, there truly is something for everyone. She manages to usurp seemingly every fruit in existence to craft appealing and often bizarre recipes on jams of all kinds. Just Jam Recipes collects recipes that range from tomato based surprises to cherries, all the way to pickle jams, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and passion fruit. Every little piece of Jessica Wilson’s passion for jam-making is pressed, mixed, stomped, and stirred into every recipe.

The book will also cover a very specific step-by-step for all recipes. Readers will be fully able to follow along the often complex world of jams. Categorically, the book looks at options for everyone in the universe of jams. Vegans can find something to love in the “Vegan Delights” and “traditional jams” will feature sometimes non-conventional spins on strawberry ands grape jams. Readers can indulge in preserves, thick jams, and other exciting spins on the jam textures in the sections, “Preserve It!,” “Thick and Juicy,” and “Outside-the-Box Goodies.”

Just Jam Recipes also knows exactly what it is. There will be no recipes on pasta or big dinner dishes. This is all jams- purely- and it is all the better for it.

Why jams? Jessica Wilson has been asked this question approximately 730 times it seems, and the answer is always a variation on the same singular idea- passion. It is a theme that she returned to again and again when she began her career in a totally different place. The world of online casino gambling is a far cry from jam-making, but Wilson flourished in the arena. It ultimately culminated in her realizing the extent of passion.

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But, she has pursued a slightly more eccentric direction, and it has fallen right into her ultimate passion.