blackjack casino owner financially supports Wilson

Since the beginning of the development phase of Just Jam Recipes, Wilson received a lot of support from different people. Especially her mother stood by her since the start of her dream of becoming a writer. Now that the first book is out, it is now time to for Wilson to write another inspiring book. Even though the second book will also be inspired on jam recipes, it will eventually be slightly different and refreshing in regards to the first edition.

The first book was developed to be more businesslike and straight to the point. After this book was successfully sold, Wilson realized she had the desire to take her second book to the next step. This time the book needed to be more out-of-the-box, included with great illustrations, delicious images and a modern, but playful template. To develop these ideas into a real book, Wilson first needed to find a publisher or financial investor to make it happen.

Because of her wide network, which she has built up thanks to her profession in the online gambling industry, she finally found a partner who was willing to invest in her second book. Peter Williams, blackjack casino owner and entrepreneur, decided to support Wilson in the development and publication of the jam recipe book. He was familiar with the first Just Jam Recipes book, so he already knew what to expect from Wilson. Soon after the first meeting and concept presentation, Wilson and the blackjack owner scheduled a timeline for the publishing of the first print run. The book will be called Just Jamming and the estimated publishing date will be by the end of this year. Just Jamming is inspired on the Just Jam Recipes edition, but with some more flavor added to it. This means that you can expect some humor, fun facts and interesting ingredients while following the recipes.

The reason that Peter Williams believed in Wilson, was because of their good business relationship which started while Wilson was still working for Slots and Stripes. During the production phase of Just Jamming, Williams will constantly be involved when it comes to financial decisions. Besides working on his investment, he will continue working at his online blackjack casino. Having your own casino takes a lot of time and effort, but after a few years of hard work, the casino eventually turned out to be very successful.

Wilson loves to play the game blackjack once in a while, since it reminds her to the good old days. Even though she is very passionate about her books, she sometimes misses the real casino experience like she had with Williams. “Blackjack speel ik altijd hier, whenever I feel like I need some time to relax”, Wilson said. It also inspires her in a way, because it is so different in comparison to other entertaining hotspots.

Curious about the final publishing date of Just Jamming? Would you like to know more about the content or recipes? Keep an eye on this website to stay updated about the latest developments and fun jam facts!