Jessica Wilson

Wilson was born in London to a Glenda Wilson. Glenda Wilson was an accomplished ballet dancer, and she famously played the Good Witch of the West, Glenda, in the UK rendition of The Great Old Wizard of Oz.”

Wilson learned a lot about performance and business from her mother, but it was her father, a constant gambler, who most inspired her. Her father, Arnold Haroldson, took a young Wilson to the various casinos and gambling lots in the country, where she developed her craft and her interest in numbers and counting. It was these experiences that shaped her interest in casinos. Her parents remained unmarried and her father disappeared in the late 80’s.

Her mother remained her number one confidant and friend when Wilson grew up in Britain. But, it was Glenda Wilson’s fledgling performance career that inspired her to turn her understanding of gambling into a legitimate business opportunity. Wilson was approached by her Uncle, Frederick Vernon, to develop an idea of developing a real casino. It was Wilson who suggested they take their efforts to the web at a time where Windows 95 was still in its infancy.

Slot Prince would be the first online casino. Uncle Vernon had the financing well established, and Jessica Wilson had an incredible knowledge of numbers, computational analytics, and code building to develop a rich and complex platform for an online casino. To this day, it is not fully understood how she came about this information. When asked, Wilson would humbly respond with “it is in my genes.” Detractors claim that Jessica Wilson is a robot which she laughs off. “Can robots cook jam?”

Wilson eventually relocated to the United States amid disagreements over the direction of Slot Prince. The online casino platform exploded, and Wilson sold her portion of the company and leveraged that into a new casino enterprise, Slots and Stripes. Her experiences dramatically reshaped her life in the states, where she married Victor Lechens, whom she had five children with. The two eventually separated, citing “an irrecoverable addiction to gambling,” which was stated on both sides.

Slots and Stripes was sold to PokerStars, that even offers Thai games like บาคาร่ามือถือ which allowed Wilson to develop enough time on the project which most intrigued her. Her mother has been in wide support of the decision, stating “gambling is for losers anyway, and my daughter was never a loser.” Wilson channeled her adoration for cooking into her first book, Just Jam Recipes.