Just Jam Recipes is a manifestation of the many passions and hobbies Wilson has been largely ignoring for the better part of her life. Wilson always had a passion for cooking, but this was sidetracked in the friendly visits to the local casino with her father. Even her mother was not a passionate cook. It was Wilson who would often cook at night after her mother got home from late shows and her father had shifts in the manufacturing plant and could not go to the casino.

It was Jessica’s five children who immediately noticed a difference between what their mother was doing and what she wanted to do. Wilson would spend hours cooking at night for her children, and the five saw her passion and love for the art. But, she spent her days managing the online casino, Slots and Stripes, with little passion or love. Her oldest, Barbara, asked one day, “why do people spend money to make money? How do they make any money all?” She was, of course, referring to the online casino her mother started from the ground up.

The comment touched Jessica Wilson, who found it an illuminating interpretation of what she does every day. “I remember thinking, why do this at all? What am I offering the world?” She knew she was offering happiness to her five children through cooking, but her day job was slightly less rewarding.

Wilson then broached the topic with the whole group. “What do you think about writing a book? What is your favorite food?” The children enthusiastically responded with one answer- jam. Jam was a staple in the Wilson household. When Wilson was too busy during the day, the children made peanut butter and jelly using the various jams Wilson made during the evenings. Jam was not an intentional passion. “I was too busy during the day to cook. The kids would be alone with nothing. So I made jams and set out bread. They made do just fine.”

She kept adding new jam mixes out of sheer convenience and innovated her own approaches. “The kids loved it. Bread is cheap. It just made sense.”

Not everyone was enthusiastic in the Wilson house. Her youngest son responded, “jam was boring to me. Gambling is more fun. But it became more fun when peaches were added. That one is my fav.”

In all, Wilson acted on her passion by creating an incredible inventory of jams for readers to indulge in for years to come.