Popular Jams

Many people do not know of the thousands of jam types. There is a lot more than grape and strawberry, as Just Jam Recipes proves. Cherry is probably the third most popular type of jam in the American marketplace. Tomato is also very popular, and many people have begun to use tomato-based jams on their pizza, sandwiches, and pasta dishes in an effort to reinvigorate the classic marinara.

Pickle-based jams are also quickly rising in popularity. Jams can theoretically include any fruit, with pineapple and mango jams being particularly sought-after in the last few years. Apple jam is being used to craft some really wonderful recipes. Best yet, many providers are bringing the sugar content down tremendously and making the jam even richer and warmer with wonderful fruit, vegetables, and other addictive variations. There are approximately 10,000 jam types in the market, with only a handful of thjem being widely utilized in grocery stores. Wilson hopes to change that with her eclectic collection of jams inspired from years of hard work.

Wilson is proud to deliver a rich collection of jams she has perfected throughout her life, and she has committed to taking pen to paper once a day for the last two years. Her collection is varied and addictive and encompasses the many types of jams out there, as well as some that Jessica Wilson has created from experimenting with just about everything in the world of jamming.